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Retirement Planning Milestones and Scenarios

Let’s plan your retirement—and make it happen.

Critical Retirement Planning Milestones

Seek our retirement planning guidance at any time, but especially at these milestones:

  • Age 55: If you’re retired, you may withdraw 401(k) savings without penalty
  • Age 59 ½: Without IRS penalty, you can withdraw tax-deferred assets — IRA/401(k)
  • Age 62: Threshold for early retirement/partial Social Security benefit eligibility
  • Age 65: Medicare sign-up and benefit eligibility
  • Age 66-67: Full Social Security benefit eligibility
  • Age 70: Maximum Social Security benefit eligibility
  • Age 72: RMDs (required minimum distributions) from tax-deferred assets begin

The Five Risks to Retirement™ you must address in your financial plan…

  • Bad investment climate
  • Outliving your money
  • Inflation
  • Rising healthcare costs
  • Asset allocation

Retirement Scenarios


Examples of how Hunt Country Wealth Management can help with situations like yours. No two client situations are the same. So, rather than presenting actual client experiences, we instead offer these hypothetical scenarios and personas to address common questions and challenges that many of our clients face. The following is a hypothetical example provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual results may differ.

Select a scenario below to learn more.

I’m Ready to Retire

I Plan to Retire Earlier than Expected

I Recently Experienced a Financial Windfall

I Plan to Retire in Three-to-Five Years

I Recently Lost My Spouse

I Have a Dependent Child

We believe retirement should free you. It all starts with a plan.

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