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Meet Our Team | A Family Firm

The decisions you make about retirement will shape the rest of your life.

Making the right decisions about your retirement can be the difference between a comfortable life of leisure and struggling to make ends meet. We specialize in retirement income planning, so you can enter retirement with confidence.

Our goal is to help you take control of your financial future and enjoy the retirement you deserve. We believe that retirement should be a time of freedom – to spend time with family, pursue hobbies, and try new things. 

This is why we specialize in retirement income planning. Working with individuals in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond–it’s different from what other financial advisors do. It’s a very different mindset. Now it’s time to create a plan to USE your wealth to build and preserve all you’ve envisioned for yourself…and your family. 

In this video, we’re going to show you what our team is all about and how we can help you achieve your retirement future.

Our Mission


Our advanced planning strategies are specifically designed for retirement.

We combine our specialized expertise with real-world experience to provide a guide for making better decisions, achieving better outcomes, and making the best use of your financial resources.

We work with individuals nationwide from our hometown office in Winchester, Virginia.

Meet Our Team

Chris Merchant, CFP®
Heather Merchant
Holli Merchant

We are a family business led by a husband and wife team.

We focus on the value of personal connection and offer a comfortable, client-centric experience.

Supporting each other in and out of the workplace, we can relate to the challenges most families face and understand the importance of working with someone you can count on. With a deep commitment to our business, we are dedicated to our community of clientele. Truly, every client becomes part of the Hunt Country Wealth Management family.

In working with clients, we use the values we grew up with: looking out for one another, valuing things that matter and that last, and being worthy of trust in everything.

Dedicated to our specialized craft, we are committed to helping you map out a plan that will last throughout your lifetime. Within our Guided Investing™ platform, we continue to look out for you as you follow that plan year after year. 

Our Services


The Sovereign Series™ Retirement Plan is our signature planning service that will show you how to retire. Powered by the Prepared Retiree Method™, our guided step-by-step framework is easy to follow and provides a written financial plan that outlines the best use of your resources and a path to produce reliable income. Gain clarity of direction and a stable foundation to experience the freedom of a well-planned retirement. 

This service was designed for those who want to...

  • Feel confident and prepared for retirement
  • Know the amount/regularity of income your resources can produce 
  • Feel supported and reinforced working with a Retirement Income Professional

Guided Investing™ is our comprehensive investment management service. It was designed to help you create a master plan for your finances and offer a strategy to help you optimize and preserve your resources. This process starts with defining your why. It can be applied to investors who are saving for retirement, building wealth, wanting to manage risk or all of the above.

This service was designed for those who want to...

  • Feel more confident in their investment decisions 
  • Design a strategy to reach planned financial milestones such as retirement 
  • Collaborate with an professional to manage risk and monitor performance

The 90-Minute Strategy Session is a 1:1 session with Chris Merchant, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Sometimes you just want to talk to a professional. Whether you want to tap into a broader understanding of a financial topic such as How to Prepare for Retirement or you seek a second opinion on your investment strategy, this session is a great time to discuss the financial considerations on your mind.

This service was designed for those who want to...

  • Feel confident and prepared for retirement
  • Know the amount/regularity of income your resources can produce 
  • Feel supported and reinforced working with a Retirement Income Professional

Meet Huntly, The Hunt Country Hound

Our dog mascot Huntly is an animal renowned for his loyalty and devotion. Always there, always committed, he’s a companion and a timeless symbol of play and leisure…always reminding you of the importance of enjoying life. 

Likewise, Hunt Country Wealth Management is an energetic partner always striving to inspire people to “live free” and enjoy the independence a well-planned retirement can bring. We want our partnership to bring confidence and stability to your life so you can dedicate time each day to the activities and people that bring you fulfillment. 

Huntly affectionately received his name as a tribute to the region of Virginia’s Hunt Country where we were founded. It was here within the rolling hills, horse farms, and picturesque villages that the core of our brand identity was founded.

We believe retirement should free you. It all starts with a plan.

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