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CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Financial Advisor headquarted in Winchester, Virginia.

We take a process based philosophy, and aim to provide our clients with confidence & clarity surrounding their financial futures. We specialize in Retirement Income Planning, and offer professional services for Retirement Savings Planning; Customized Investment Portfolios; and Strategic Financial Management. Chris Merchant, CFP®. Community-Based, Family Owned.

Confidence & Clarity to Live the Life That Matters

Introducing The Retirement Navigator™

The Retirement Navigator™ is a unique four step planning process that guides individuals who are on the cusp of retirement. Our process-based program is aimed at helping our clientele understand their unique opportunities and strengths, and to answer the essential questions: “How much income will I have when I retire?” and “How can we optimize that for a better financial future?”

Don’t live another day wondering if you are ready for retirement or if you will outlive your current nest egg! Schedule your complimentary Focus Builder™ consultation today!

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Leadership to provide appropriate guidance and direction. A strict principle to always represent the highest ethical and technical standards in the industry. Uphold the principles as applied by the elite certification, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.


Relationship to have our service always reflect ourselves and our values. Like the clients we serve our values are deeply rooted in tradition, integrity, and the commitment to forge lifelong relationship built on dedication and trust. We are a family owned and operated firm, proudly serving real Virginia families. 


Creativity to combine industry knowledge and experience to help our clientele solve unique financial problems and to achieve personal goals. This includes a pledge to dedicate ourselves to stay on the forefront of industry research and laws/regulations.

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