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Comprehensive Investment Advice & Fee-Based Planning Giving You Confidence & Security by Making Good Financial Decisions. Headquarted in Winchester, VA. Proudly the Shenandoah Valley & Northern Virginia.

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Why use Hunt Country Wealth Management?

We believe, Life is Richer When You Make Good Financial Decisions™. Our mission is to help our clients make better decisions with their investments and the financial resources available to them. We know true wealth transcends money– it manifests as time spent with the ones you love and with the freedom to enjoy the things in life that matter most to you.

We are dedicated to furthering this mission through the workings of our Wealth Management firm by developing Thought Leadership, offering Community Support (and lending a helping hand), and through Values-Driven Coaching by Financial Advisor Chris Merchant as a Behavioral Financial Advisor™ and Certified Financial Planner™.

We are a community-based, family-operated independent firm with no proprietary investments or products. We never outsource our Investment Responsibility & Management to Third-Party Money Managers, and we strongly adhere to our Investment Philosophy based on Modern Portfolio Theory & our 8-Step Investment Process.

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Financial Planning & Investment Management

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Unique Planning Processes to Solve Life’s Complex Financial Needs

Retirement Income Planning

Investable Assets of $250,000+

Financial Planning For Women

Investable Assets of $250,000+

Financial Planning for Same-Sex Couples

Investable Assts of $250,000+

Financial Planning For Equine Doctors & Veterinarians

Behavioral Financial Coaching BFA®: The wild Side of Investing

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