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Wealth Management Tailored for Individuals Over 50

Embracing Change, Starting a New Chapter…

If you’re over 50, you may be realizing that you’re at a critical juncture when it comes to your finances.

The weight of important decisions, like retirement, career progression, and strategic investing for the future, can feel overwhelming. 

At Hunt Country Wealth Management, we specialize in guiding you through this important stage. With our experience and deep understanding of this unique period, we help you make informed decisions about your future, so you can move forward with confidence.  

A Dedicated & Collaborative Team

With our extensive expertise in retirement planning, estate strategies, tax efficiency, behavioral finance, and investment management, we offer a wealth of knowledge to guide you. Founded by a dedicated husband-and-wife team, we are committed to delivering a personalized approach that considers your unique goals.

  • Professional Guidance: Led by Chris Merchant CFP®, an award-winning professional with over 20 years in the industry, you’re supported by a wealth of knowledge and a distinguished track record.
  • Comprehensive Service Range: From retirement audits to full-scale investment management, our services cover all aspects of financial planning, adaptable to any stage of your financial journey.
  • Collaborative Approach: We work with you, not just for you. Our collaborative mindset ensures your active involvement in the decision-making process.
  • Independent Firm: Experience personalized attention, transparency, and unbiased recommendations with no proprietary products or sales-driven agendas.
  • Fiduciary Standard: At the heart of our commitment is the fiduciary standard: we always prioritize your best interests.
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Our Service Offerings

Our services are designed with a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to financial planning. We consider both short-term and long-term goals to create an integrated and dynamic plan that adapts seamlessly to your evolving needs. With our versatile wealth management services, you can choose to use them independently or combine them for a multi-faceted approach.

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Looking for retirement assistance? Look no further! At Hunt Country Wealth Management, we specialize in retirement planning. We offer two services tailored to your needs as you approach retirement. Our Retirement Audit™ is a quick way to find out if you’re on track and help you prepare. The Sovereign Series™ Retirement Plan is a comprehensive in-depth financial plan that provides a roadmap to transition into retirement with confidence. Not sure which service you need? We can help with that too.

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Looking for better control over your investment strategy? Align your investment portfolios with your goals using our exclusive Guided Investing™ service. Our comprehensive investment management helps you create a strategic plan, with tailored strategies to optimize and safeguard your resources. It starts by identifying your goals and can be personalized for retirement, wealth building, risk management, or multiple objectives. Feel supported and empowered as you make progress towards your financial milestones.

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Are you interested in discussing a unique financial situation?  If you have any general financial or investment-related inquiries and prefer a collaborative approach to address them, we would be delighted to assist you. Our Hunt Country Hourly Planning™ service offers financial advice on an hourly basis, without minimum asset or income requirements. With tailored recommendations and insights from our experienced professionals, get answers to your questions and valuable guidance.

Key Financial Considerations for Individuals Over 50

At our firm, we recognize that your financial journey takes a unique turn once you reach 50, especially as retirement approaches. We liken it to embarking on an exhilarating mountain climbing expedition.

The initial phase entails accumulating wealth as you ascend the mountain, diligently saving and investing to construct your retirement nest egg. However, as you near the summit, it becomes crucial to shift gears and focus on the distribution phase, descending the mountain. This is where our expertise comes into play.

We equip you with tools and strategies for the next chapter of your life. With our guidance, confidently make decisions about your future. Let us be your trusted guide as you conquer the mountain and embrace the rewards of your hard work.

Critical Planning Milestones

  • Age 55: If you’re retired, you may withdraw 401(k) savings without penalty
  • Age 59 ½: Without IRS penalty, you can withdraw tax-deferred assets — IRA/401(k)
  • Age 62: Threshold for early retirement/partial Social Security benefit eligibility
  • Age 65: Medicare sign-up and benefit eligibility
  • Age 66-67: Full Social Security benefit eligibility
  • Age 70: Maximum Social Security benefit eligibility
  • Age 73*: Required minimum distributions from tax-deferred assets begin *72 if age 72 before Dec. 31, 2022
Financial Advisor Chris Merchant CFP®

What is Wealth Management? 

Our clients may not initially refer to their needs as “Wealth Management.” They seek help with specific financial challenges beyond investment management. But for us, this is what we define as Wealth Management.

Wealth Management stands out with its comprehensive approach, considering your goals from multiple perspectives and providing a wide range of services to enhance financial decision-making. Wealth Managers offer specialized expertise and prioritize consultative, goals-based strategies, ensuring a highly collaborative and personalized planning experience tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

Traditional Wealth Management firms used to serve mainly high-net-worth individuals. Nowadays, they have evolved to cater to a variety of niche-specific needs, which vary from firm to firm.

At Hunt Country Wealth Management, we specialize in wealth management for individuals aged 50 and above, offering advanced planning strategies to structure wealth and establish a reliable retirement income.

Free Resources and Educational Materials

Our mission is to empower clients to make informed financial decisions. That's why we offer a diverse range of complimentary resources and educational materials.

Here are two invaluable tools we've developed to kickstart your financial journey:

  • Explore our FREE Retirement Guidebook™ to gain essential insights into the crucial steps you should take before retiring.
  • Enroll in our complimentary course, Retirement Basecamp™, which serves as a comprehensive guide, walking you through all the important considerations as you prepare for retirement.

We firmly believe that by equipping you with these resources, you'll have the resources you need to make well-informed decisions for your future.

Financial Advisor Chris Merchant CFP®
We believe retirement should free you. It all starts with a plan.

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