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Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to ask a question personally, please contact us directly below and we will be happy to answer. We are here to help and we are friendly– so give us a call.

Do you have account-size minimums? What does a typical client look like?

At Hunt Country Wealth Management, we believe in the advisor-client relationship and provide proactive communication, custom investment solutions, clearly articulated service levels and commitments and quality attention and response. Within our client base, we serve two types of clients with a broad range of services and solutions. Our client base is divided into two segments based on investable assets and investment management needs: Financial Management and Wealth Management.

Our typical Financial Management clients have $250,000+ in investable assets and are looking for a professional to assist them with building, managing and protecting their resources. They are typically down-to-earth, hard-working individuals who have, throughout their working lives, kept their debt low and have taken steps to invest in their futures. The #1 situation we plan for in this segment is helping our clients secure their ability to retire and to be able to maintain their current lifestyle after they are no longer accumulating resources and earning a paycheck.  If this sounds like you—we want to work with you. We are confident we can provide you with the confidence and clarity that come with knowing you have taken all the right steps to plan for and optimize the security of your financial future.

Our typical Wealth Management clients have $1,000,000+ in investable assets and are facing all the same obstacles and needs as our Financial Management clientele, plus the added complexities that include, but are not limited to, tax planning and optimization, business advisory and succession, philanthropic advisory, estate planning and wealth transfer. Clients within our Wealth Management segment generally have experience managing their investments and appreciate our adherence to establishing a holistic planning environment where we focus on a true partnership in the advisor/client relationship. We provide custom investment solutions, manage our investment portfolios in-house and never outsource to 3rd-party money managers, offering more transparency into how your portfolios are being constructed and why the strategy and implementation process is being advised and instituted.

We consider our clients as family and are dedicated to offering high levels of customer service and support. We provide proactive communication and focus on timely responses to your needs. You can set your own correspondence schedule and we offer Weekly Market Commentary, Quarterly Newsletters, Client Educational Workshops and Client Appreciation Events which are purely social in nature. We do not strive to be everything to everyone, nor do we have aspirations to grow our firm further than serving a select group of individuals who want and need high-quality financial services. We have respectfully turned away wealthy clients whom we felt would not be compatible with our culture and have wonderful clients who have assets below our average client minimum.

What regulatory controls do you have in place? How do I know you are working in my best interest?
You need to know your Financial Advisor is always working in your best interest– and only in your best interest! Our firm prides itself on integrity, and all the services we provide our tailored to meet you best interests. In fact, we are a Fiduciary and have pledged a legal obligation to do just that (Fiduciary Duty). This duty is enforced by the SEC and monitored by our Broker/Dealer Securities America, Inc. Is your current advisor a “Fiduciary?” If not, you may be surprised to learn that many financial advisors operate under a lower standard, called “Suitability” recommendations. It’s possible for these advisors to suggest investments that while “suitable” for your situation are not entirely in your best interests and may only be pitched because of their commission or fees. This also includes advisors with proprietary products–to which they have parent company sales quotas or investment relationships to fulfill.

We freely share our Fee Schedule with you and it is totally transparent. Any potential conflicts of interest are disclosed prior to decision. The bottom line is this: We only succeed if you do, and that means making our fundamental commitment to you and your financial well-being. Unfortunately, not all advisors are required to disclose their fee schedules, nor real or potential conflicts of interest between your interests and theirs. As a rule of thumb: always seek out financial firms which are extremely transparent in how they operate and get paid.

In conjunction with Securities America, Inc. accounts are carried by National Financial Services LLC Member NYSE/SIPC.

We strictly adhere to a code of ethics and have defined standards and service offerings in place which we freely share with our clients. We are compliant with the Federal Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Securities and Exchange Commission and state and regulatory agencies. There are no disciplinary infractions against our firm, nor against our advisor Chris Merchant CFP®, BFA®.

What can I expect in terms of risk and volatility?
What can I expect in terms of risk and volatility?

We can’t predict the future, but we do help our clients prepare for it. We work with you to understand your risk tolerance levels and educate you on ways to minimize risk/volatility. Our very investment philosophy speaks to this. However, if you want or need to earn more than what you might in a savings account or CD market, you will encounter some levels of risk and volatility. You can minimize your risk with diversification and between asset classes but you cannot eliminate it.

You will want to know your financial advisor has the investment acumen to invest your life savings in such a way to allow you to sleep at night. It’s crucial to be patient as an investor and to consider the bigger picture of your returns. As Warren Buffet once said, “The market is an efficient mechanism for transferring wealth from impatient to the patient.”

In today’s world, investing is typically necessary to maintain your lifestyle in retirement and we know it can be a very emotional journey. It is our mission to help educate you on the hows and whys of investing, and work hard at tailoring your portfolio into something you can be comfortable with. All investment management is done in-house and is never outsourced to 3rd–party money managers.

Do you have an Investment Philosophy or Process?

Yes, we do. We strictly adhere to a code of ethics and have defined standards and service offerings in place which we freely share with our clients. Please view our philosophy and process information below:

Investment Philosophy | Investment Process | Service Offerings

How do I schedule an appointment?
There are several ways to schedule an appointment:

1.) Fill out the Inquiry Form below.

2.) Call us directly at (540) 205- 8186.

3.) Email us directly at 

Once we receive your inquiry, we will contact you to gather some initial information and set up an appointment. Our initial introductory meetings generally last about one hour. The objective of this meeting is to learn more about your current financial situation and to gather some information to put together a personalized financial plan (should we move forward). During this meeting we will also introduce ourselves and how our processes may help you reach your individual goals. Initial meeting options include an in-office visit at either our Winchester, Ashburn, or Reston location via phone or by our Live Meeting video conference. During this meeting, we will also take time to answer any questions you may have. Our consultations are 100% confidential and commitment-free. We would love to have you as part of our client family and hope to meet with you soon!

What should I bring to my complimentary consultation?
If you have any documents you feel will help us meet your needs please feel free to bring them. Bring as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

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