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Heather Merchant

Co-Founder, Director of Client Services

Hello, my name is Heather. I’m the Director of Marketing and Client Services. I oversee the backstage operations of Hunt Country Wealth Management. It’s my job to develop our programs and bring awareness to our brand so people like you who need discerning retirement advice can find us.

After seeing many clients navigate the journey to retirement, I’ve noticed that today’s generation of retirees don’t plan on riding quietly off into the sunset. Rather, they’re looking forward to launching the next great chapter of their lives on their own terms. Many of these individuals have handled retirement savings on their own up to this point. Now they just need a little guidance making the transition into retirement and some support to make sure they stay on track along the way. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

In addition to managing our digital channels, I’m an expert in creating unique client experiences. My professional background is in director-level positions within the hospitality and travel tourism sector. I’ve also been a small business entrepreneur for nearly the last decade. My educational background is in anthropology.  That combination is something you won’t often find in the financial services industry. My fresh perspective helps the firm design programs that are more about humans than numbers and helps us stay focused on the people behind our plans.

To that end, I’ve worked side-by-side with Chris to package his ideas, philosophies and investing systems into useful tools and proven processes that our firm now utilizes to help guide our clients down a path to retirement. We’ve packaged these unique experiences into our signature processes including our Sovereign Series™ Retirement Plan, 90-Minute Strategy Session and our Guided Investing™ framework.

I’m an adventurer and explorer at heart, so I absolutely love talking to our clients about the interesting trips they’re planning to enjoy with their newfound freedom in retirement. Outside of work, I have the big challenge of navigating the life of a business owner while also being the mother of our four-year-old boy who is an adventure unto himself.

My life’s mantra is Comfort makes cowards of us all, so I’m always pushing myself – and Hunt Country Wealth Management – out of our comfort zones. This positions us to continually enhance our services and adapt to the changing needs of today’s modern retiree.  



Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

This is a mindset Chris and I have always shared. I learned this lesson long ago when I took my first steps to start my own business several years before we established Hunt Country Wealth Management.

It’s a difficult thing to leave the comfort of a 9-to-5 job, but I knew I wanted the freedom to create my own future. From time to time on especially hard days, Chris and I remind each other of this. What we are really telling each other is that we don’t want to trade the opportunity to make a larger impact on the world for the comfort of playing it safe. Playing it safe is often an illusion, anyway.

Retirement is a huge life transition. It’s normal to feel the fear of the unknown. But keep in mind that fear creates an impulse to seek security and play it small. That impulse may lead to making poor financial decisions. Don’t be afraid to live a big life (whatever that means for you). With our financial plan behind you, there’s no need to make rationalizations for settling.

People tend to gravitate toward people with similar values. I think that’s why we have always enjoyed working with clients who embrace a sense of adventure and see their future in retirement as a fun and exciting time.

We love helping people take those steps. Life is an adventure, so go and live it!

May your retirement be the best days of your life.

Our Services


Let’s help you navigate the road ahead…

The Sovereign Series™ Retirement Plan is our signature planning service that will show you how to retire. Our guided step-by-step framework is easy to follow and provides a written financial plan that outlines the best use of your resources and a path to produce reliable income. Gain clarity of direction and a stable foundation to experience the freedom of a well-planned retirement. 

This service was designed for those who want to...

  • Feel confident and prepared for retirement
  • Know the amount/regularity of income your resources can produce 
  • Have control over your financial future and clarity of direction. 

Guided Investing™ is our comprehensive investment management service. It was designed to help you create a master plan for your finances and offer a strategy to help you optimize and preserve your resources. This process starts with defining your why. It can be applied to investors who are saving for retirement, building wealth, wanting to manage risk or all of the above.

This service was designed for those who want to...

  • Feel more confident in their investment decisions 
  • Design a strategy to reach planned financial milestones such as retirement 
  • Collaborate with an professional to manage risk and monitor performance

The 90-Minute Strategy Session is a 1:1 session with Chris Merchant, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Sometimes you just want to talk to a professional. Whether you want to tap into a broader understanding of a financial topic such as How to Prepare for Retirement or you seek a second opinion on your investment strategy, this session is a great time to discuss the financial considerations on your mind.

This service was designed for those who want to...

  • Feel confident and prepared for retirement
  • Know the amount/regularity of income your resources can produce 
  • Feel supported and reinforced working with a Retirement Income Professional
We believe retirement should free you. It all starts with a plan.

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