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What Modern Retirees Need to Know

The System Failed to Tell You This About Retirement…

Most people think that their retirement income is all taken care of when they reach 65. But what if I told you that the system has failed to tell you about a very important detail? In this video, I’ll reveal the secret and tell you what you need your plan to do so you can enjoy the retirement of your parent’s generation.

Let’s face it, the retirement landscape has changed. If you are nearing retirement, chances are your retirement will not look anything like that of your parent’s generation.

That generation could work their entire career at one company, then retire with a gold watch and a generous pension. After that, they could basically put their finances on autopilot. That’s because before the 1980s, most people had pensions and the financial risk of retirement was all on their employer.

Well, that changed in 1978, when Congress created the modern 401k plan. Since then, most people have been responsible for saving for their own retirement.

Many people have risen to that challenge and they’ve saved enough to retire comfortably. But, the problem is our system told you to save, but it never told you how to make that money last for your entire life like a pension plan would have.

Seeing this generational shift is what made me realize that the problem facing modern retirees is often not a lack of retirement savings, but rather a lack of structure.

So if you can relate, then make sure you’re giving special attention to how you’ll make your money last for your entire retirement.

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By: Chris Merchant, CFP® 

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