The concept of Estate Planning may be intimidating at first glance, but when reduced to its most basic elements, it is simply the process of making sure that at your death, your assets go to the people or institutions of your choosing in the most efficient way possible .  It is an ongoing process and should be started as soon as you have accumulated a meaningful amount of assets.  As your life changes and your goals change, you should make sure your estate plan is line with your objectives.  The lack of proper estate planning can cause undue financial burdens and administrative messes for your beneficiaries.

Let Hunt Country Wealth Management assist you with understanding the basics of Estate Planning and how they apply to your unique situation.  We can help you with naming or updating beneficiaries on your accounts and can provide education on the basics of wills and trusts. When needed, we can also facilitate the referral of a trusted attorney for assistance in creating estate planning documents. Call us today to get started.

Some Basic Estate Planning Tasks Include:

  • Confirming you have named beneficiaries on your accounts such as 401(k)s, IRAs and Life Insurance Policies.
  • Periodically updating your beneficiaries.
  • Creating or updating your will.
  • Knowing if a Living Trust or other form of Trust is right for you.