Whether you are a family business or a sole proprietorship, business succession–planning to sell, transfer ownership and/or seek retirement, can be an overwhelming experience. As an entrepreneur, you invest a lifetime of time and resources into building and operating your business. It is your chance to trade in a lifetime of hard work and dedication for perhaps one of the most significant single influxes of money in your working life. With all of the time spent leading up to this transition, it is imperative that you act expeditiously to protect profits, minimize taxes and plan for your financial future. The complexity surrounding the sale of a business can be daunting, and poor planning could cost you. Hunt Country Wealth Management would love to assist you with navigating standard pitfalls and logistics. Let our team help identify your next goals and help to create a plan to achieve them. Plans may include Estate Planning/Trusts, Planned Giving, Risk Management and Investment Portfolio Management.