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Looking for Financial Guidance for Ages 50 and Above?

Welcome to Hunt Country Wealth Management, where we specialize in personalized financial services tailored for individuals in this stage of life. From retirement planning to comprehensive investment management, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Whether you’re nearing retirement or in the prime of your career, we are dedicated to helping you confidently achieve your financial goals. As your trusted advisor, collaborator, and guide, we offer a range of services to prepare you for your financial future.

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Chris and Heather Merchant, the founders of our firm, are proud natives of Warren County, Virginia. Our office is conveniently located in the charming community of Old Town Winchester. Learn more about our services by visiting the homepage below. 

Our Services


Looking for retirement assistance? Look no further! At Hunt Country Wealth Management, we specialize in retirement planning. We offer two services tailored to your needs as you approach retirement. Our Retirement Audit™ is a quick way to find out if you’re on track and help you prepare. The Sovereign Series™ Retirement Plan is a comprehensive in-depth financial plan that provides a roadmap to transition into retirement with confidence. Not sure which service you need? We can help with that too.

This service was designed for those who want to…

  • Feel confident and prepared for retirement.
  • Know the amount/regularity of income your resources can produce. 
  • Have control over your financial future and clarity of direction.

    Looking for better control over your investment strategy? Align your investment portfolios with your goals using our exclusive Guided Investing™ service. Our comprehensive investment management helps you create a strategic plan, with tailored strategies to optimize and preserve your resources. It starts by identifying your goals and can be personalized for retirement, wealth building, risk management, or multiple objectives. Feel supported and empowered as you make progress towards your financial milestones.

    This service was designed for those who want to…

    • Feel more confident in their investment decisions. 
    • Design a strategy to reach planned financial milestones such as retirement.
    • Collaborate with a professional to manage risk and monitor performance.

      Are you interested in discussing a unique financial situation?  If you have any general financial inquiries and prefer a collaborative approach to address them, we would be delighted to assist you. Our Hunt Country Hourly Planning™ service offers financial advice on an hourly basis, without minimum asset or income requirements. With tailored recommendations and insights from our experienced professionals, get answers to your questions and valuable guidance.

      This service was designed for those who want to…

      • Gain clarity on intricate financial situations with professional guidance.
      • Make informed decisions on personal finances, investments, or estate planning.
      • Access financial advice as needed.
        Financial Advisor Chris Merchant CFP®

        Led by a husband and wife team…

        A fiduciary firm owned by a husband and wife in Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Hunt Country Wealth Management brings over 20 years of experience to help you build a solid financial future. Our comprehensive approach combines traditional financial principles with the insights of behavioral finance. Whether you need retirement planning, investment management, tax, or estate planning strategies, we offer personalized advice to meet your unique needs. Join us and let’s positively impact your financial journey.

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        At Hunt Country Wealth Management we specialize in providing personalized financial services tailored for individuals aged 50 and above. From retirement planning to comprehensive investment management, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

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        By: Chris Merchant, CFP® 

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