Are Women The New Face of Wealth in 2021?

Virginia-Based Financial Experts Weigh In On A Booming Trend. 

Thank you Middleburg Life for the Feature! We couldn’t be more excited to talk about women and investing and appreciate the opportunity to add our perspective.

Source: Reynoso, Erika. “Are Women The New Face of Wealth in 2021.” Middleburg Life, January 2021.

In This January 2021 interview Middleburg Life’s Erika Reynoso writes…

Experts have long known that women tend to approach money differently than men, and often bring a number of attributes to the table that can benefit their long term investment plans, according to Chris Merchant, a Hunt Country Wealth Management advisor who co-founded his Winchester-based firm with his wife Heather.


While Merchant’s practice specialized in catering closely to the needs of both male and female clients, he has noticed that women excel in some areas, including patience and a willingness to ask for help.


 “Decisiveness is also something that a lot of men would like to say they are, but in my experience, after women know their financial strategy, they tend to commit to it and let it play out. Those traits are so important as an investor,” Merchant said. “The future is already here and women are already a big part of the financial landscape.” Merchant’s firm was recognized with the Financial Advisor Women’s Choice Award last year.

While personal relationships have always been an important part of wealth management, Merchant agrees that female investors tend to put more emphasis on finding a customized connection.


“We know women are typically more apt to seek advice, and interestingly, a lot of women aren’t necessarily happy with their financial advisor,” Merchant said. “Research shows 70% of the time they will fire their financial adviser and find someone new after their husband dies.”


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