How a widow recovers from the death of her spouse is often dependent on several factors, including the health of the relationship, whether the death was unexpected or lingering, the age of the widow, the age of any dependent children, and financial circumstances.

Even for those widows who don’t feel completely devastated, it’s important to avoid making large or important decisions during the first few months. There are three key pieces of advice you should take to heart during this time:

  • As soon as you are able, figure out your financial situation. Find all the key documents you need, organize bills, locate passwords to accounts, and keep a log so you can track all of the things you need, and check off as you find them.
  • Coordinate with your professionals. Set up meetings or phone calls with your lawyer, financial advisor, tax professional, etc. to go over your situation. If you don’t have these professionals in your life, ask family or friends for recommendations.
  • Coordinate other resources. Set up meetings or phone calls with your bank, life insurance agent, the HR department at your spouse’s job, Social Security, utility companies, etc. to determine what benefits you might be entitled to as well as changing names on accounts.

Many of these tasks can feel overwhelming, so your best course of action is to seek professional advice and assistance. We would like to help you during this difficult time. Please let us know if we may be of assistance.