Planning for Retirement Income

~ An Income Designed To Last Your Lifetime ~

Our planning process

Our NextPhase™ Retirement Planning Process is a Customized Plan with the Goal of Providing:

Confidence to Retire ...

Confidence from a structured plan outlining from where your retirement income will be derived.

Personalized Guidelines ...

Guidelines for creating a retirement income plan designed to last your entire lifetime.

Freedom in Retirement ...

Freedom to spend your retirement money as you wish within your plan’s guidelines. 

Reduced Uncertainty ...

Reduced uncertainty regarding the amount and regularity of your retirement income. 

Opportunity to Plan ...

Opportunity to plan a legacy for heirs or charitable good works, if you wish. 

Why Everyone Should Plan for a Retirement Income Designed to Last a Lifetime…

The financial realities of our world are changing. More and more people need to rely on their own investments for income during retirement. Although many retirees have income streams from Social Security and/or pension plans, others rely on their 401(k)s, personal investments and savings plans. 

The assets from which you expect to create a vital stream of income during retirement face risk from economic turmoil, interest rate uncertainty and market volatility. As you move from asset accumulation (saving money for retirement) to income distribution (spending money in retirement), positioning your investments to provide a primary income which lasts as long as you need becomes more complex and difficult to manage.

We teach our clients a time-segmented, inflation-adjusted approach called the NextPhase™ Retirement Income Planning Process. This strategy is designed to help you find a balance of investments with multiple time-segmented pools which have different growth and security objectives. With this balance, we are able to create a strong, personalized and predictable plan designed to provide income from your resources which will span your lifetime. 

50% of retirees said their annual spending did not change from before their retirement.

Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute’s 2010 Retirement Confidence Survey. 

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Retirement Income Planning

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