Investment Portfolio Management

Hunt Country Wealth Management offers comprehensive advisory solutions and brokerage services. We design professional asset management in order to meet specified investments goals for the benefit of the investor. Our approach is one of managing complexity, creating the technical solution, and coaching our clientele to develop the skill and knowledge to together carry out their financial plan over time. We know that you and your goals are unique, and we believe your investment strategy should reflect that.

As you may know the investments themselves for the most part are a commodity, and most firms have access to the same investments. It’s how you utilize the tools for your clients that matters. And we aim to bring you the best of invesment planning in the simplicist, most cost efficient, effective way. Many Wealth Management companies will make things look so complicated to make clients relient on them for advice—but that is not necessary.

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”- Leonardo DaVinci

We think our unique ability is to create simplicity where others see only complexity. Through many years of professional education, formal training, and ongoing industry research we can see through the clutter and complexity to offer you simple and elegant solutions designed to fit your unique needs. It takes our background to see that simplicity; to find that perfect solution… and our job is to identify it for you and together design a plan that balances your needs, objectives, risk tolerance, and ultimate investing goals.

As an independent financial services firm, Hunt Country Wealth Management is able to utilize a variety of investment vehicles, which may include mutual funds, stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, annuities and alternative asset classes. We are not linked to any special arrangements with investment companies to sell their products, nor proprietary products so we can use what is always in your absolute best interest.

Our investment management process is based upon these key pillars of investment philosophy:

  • To eliminate unnecessary risk through proper diversification and by properly aligning your investment strategy with your goals.
  • To maximize after tax returns by utilizing tax efficient investment vehicles and tax advantaged accounts.
  • To lower investment costs by utilizing the same low-cost investment programs and managers used by many private investment firms and large institutional investors.
  • Modern portfolio theory – Harry Markowitz was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his mathematical framework for assembling a portfolio of assets such that the expected return is maximized for a given level of risk.  An assets risk should not be assessed by itself but by how it contributes to your portfolio’s overall risk and return.
  • The market is so competitive that in most asset classes, the markets do a better job of valuing companies than do professional stock pickers. Thus, we invest for our clients alongside sophisticated institutional investors in “asset-class” or “passive” funds designed to capture market returns. We generally avoid professional money managers who attempt to outguess the markets through timing or security selection strategies.