Investment Portfolio Management

Our Investment Management Practice Integrates Fundamental Financial Management Principals, Sound Investment Strategies and Many Years of Industry Expertise Helping Investors Achieve Their Financial Goals.

All investors–from the largest wealth funds to the smallest individual investor–share common issues in investing: how to meet their liabilities, how to decide where to invest and how much risk to take on. Investment Management is the art of addressing these common issues and linking investment strategies, asset and product allocation and fundamental management expertise to meet specific goals and prepare for unexpected obstacles.

Hunt Country Wealth Management offers comprehensive advisory solutions and brokerage services. We design professional asset management in order to meet specified investments goals for the benefit of the investor. Our approach is one of managing complexity, creating the technical solution and coaching our clientele to develop the skill and knowledge to work together carry out their financial plan over time. We know that you and your goals are unique and we believe your investment strategy should reflect that.

We want our clients to feel the benefits of financial security, clarity and confidence, and we aim to help them make good financial decisions. Our advisor, Chris Merchant, is a Behaviorial Financial Advisor™ and a Certified Financial Planner™. We take our Investment Management responsibility very seriously, and never outsource to 3rd party money managers (a trend in the industry). Learn more about our Investment Philosophy and Investment Process.

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 Investment Philosophy

While every financial situation is unique, we believe our disciplined approach and philosophy is the key to helping our clients find financial success. Visit our Investment Philosophy page to learn more about Modern Portfolio Theory and Alternative Investments and how we combine the two while helping clients design their Investment Portfolios.

The 8-Step Investment Process™

Our 8-Step Investment Process™ provides clients with a documented, disciplined outline of exactly how our team manages your money and the portfolio in which you are investing. Here, investing begins with a determination of your ultimate goals and a strategic step-by-step plan of how you are going to work toward achieving them with due-diligence reviews and checks & balances along the way. We take our Investment Management responsibility very seriously and never outsource portfolio management to 3rd party money managers.

Behavioral Finance Coaching

As a certified Behavioral Financial Advisor™, Chris Merchant is trained to help clients make better decisions throughout the financial planning process by aligning the plan with each client’s personal values while helping them achieve their goals along the way. The BFA™ designation integrates concepts of traditional finance, psychology and neuroscience as it relates to personal finance. Behavior Economics has been awarded the Nobel Prize six times since its inception in 1968. Per Vanguard’s Alpha Study*- Good advice from a financial advisor is worth around 3% in net returns. 1.5% comes from Behavioral Coaching. So half the value a good advisor brings to the table is helping clients manage their behavior and make better choices.

*Source: Bennyhoff CFA, Donald G., & Kinniry Jr. CFA, Francis M. (2016, June). Vanguard Advisors Alpha: Vanguard Research.

Estate PLanning & Tax Strategies

In addition to the workings of our financial practice, we also integrate Estate and Tax Planning strategies into our financial plans and considerations. Whether assisting clients in the development and implementation of philanthropic plans, the tax-efficient transfer of wealth within the family or simply the minimization of the income or estate tax burden, our professional are prepared to work with our clients’ attorneys and accountants to develop plans that are most appropriate for achieving a client’s financial objectives.

Protecting & Preserving

At Hunt Country Wealth Management, we help you determine the probabilities of success for your financial objectives, assess risk levels and strategize a plan to help reach your goals and protect & preserve your resources. We offer signature fee-based planning processes such as The Retirement Navigator™ and the Personal Wealth Plan™ which help manage the complexities of certain points in your financial life such as at retirement and plan out strategies for income distributions. We use traditional risk management approaches such as insurance (life, long-term care, disability). We also incorporate Behavioral Coaching to help you make better decisions with your money.

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