An inheritance can be an emotionally and financially challenging event. Whether it was a planned legacy or took you by complete surprise, the team at Hunt Country Wealth Management can help you manage your inheritance. Strategies and investment plans are tailored to your unique situation, goals, preference, and family. It is not a set solution, and we can help walk you through all the items to consider to make sure you are making the best choice available.

We will help you manage the complexity, understand the situation, and create a personally tailored step-by-step plan that includes:

  • Securing the inheritance in your name.
  • Managing the tax burden and avoiding unnecessary taxable events.
  • Making the money work for you by investing in a way that is aligned with your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.

Hunt Country Wealth Management can also assist with planned giving; the process of establishing a legacy by creating plans to financially assist a non-profit or charity. Planned giving can include a one time outright contribution, long-term income stream, or benefit that is activated by someones passing.

Let us take the complexity out of inheritance...