Financial Management

Our Financial Management practice combines elements of Investment Management, Financial Planning and Behavioral Finance to help individuals create, manage and protect their resources.

At Hunt Country Wealth Management, we promote financial solutions which help people make good financial decisions. We work with every-day, down-to-earth individuals who, throughout their working lives, have kept their debt low and have taken steps to invest in their futures. The #1 situation we plan for in this segment is helping people secure their ability to retire and maintain their current lifestyle after they are no longer earning an income. Wherever you are on your journey—we want you to experience the confidence and clarity that come from knowing you have taken every step to plan for and optimize the security of your financial future.

Our typical Financial Management client generally has a moderate to conservative risk tolerance and $250,000+ in investable assets. They are looking for a personal advisor because they either lack the time, knowledge, and/or desire to create and monitor their investment plan on their own. They have grown tired of the demands and sales quotas imposed by advisors with a corporate parent or insurance company and recognize the difference in working with a highly experienced certified team focused on personalized results for you and your goals. Whether you are preparing for retirement, building your portfolio, or managing specific complexities in your life, we can help!

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*Our Most Popular Plan:

Designed for inviduals who are within ten years from retiring or have retired within the last five.

Fee-Based financial Planning 

Retirement Income Planning

Knowing if you have enough money to retire and then planning to make that pool of money last as long as you need is the focus of the NextPhase™ Retirement Income Planning Process. This time-segmented, inflation-adjusted strategy can help you answer the key question: “Do I have enough retirement assets to last my lifetime?”

 Investment Philosophy

While every financial situation is unique, we believe our disciplined approach and philosophy is the key to helping our clients find financial success. Visit our Investment Philosophy page to learn more about the Modern Portfolio Theory & alternative investments and how we combine the two while helping clients design their investment portfolios.

 The 8 Step Investment Process™

Our 8-Step Investment Process™ provides clients with a documented, disciplined outline of exactly how our team goes about managing your money and the portfolio in which you are investing. Here, investing begins with a determination of your ultimate goals and a strategic, step-by-step plan on how you are going to work towards achieving them with due-diligence reviews and checks & balances along the way.

Behavioral Financial Coaching

Per Vanguard’s Alpha Study*- Good advice from a financial advisor is worth around 3% in net returns. 1.5% comes from Behavioral Coaching. So ½ of the value a good advisor brings to the table is helping clients manage their behavior and make better financial choices. As a certified Behavioral Financial Advisor™, Chris Merchant is trained to help clients make better decisions throughout the financial planning process by aligning the plan with each client’s personal values while helping them achieve their goals along the way. The BFA™ designation integrates concepts of traditional finance, psychology and neuroscience as it relates to personal finance. Behavior Economics has been awarded the Nobel Prize six times since its inception in 1968.

*Source: Bennyhoff CFA, Donald G., & Kinniry Jr. CFA, Francis M. (2016, June). Vanguard Advisors Alpha: Vanguard Research.

Protecting & Preserving

At Hunt Country Wealth Management, we help you determine the probabilities of success for your financial objectives, assess risk levels and strategize a plan to help reach your goals and protect & preserve your resources. We offer signature fee-based planning processes such as The Retirement Navigator™ and the Personal Wealth Plan™ that help manage the complexities of certain points in your financial life such as retirement and plan out strategies for income distributions. We use traditional risk management approaches such as insurance (life, long-term care, disability). We also incorporate Behavioral Coaching to help you make better decisions with your money.

 What to Expect

Hunt Country Wealth Management is an independent, privately-owned firm which handles all portfolio investment management in-house. We are a Fiduciary– a duty enforced by the SEC. Our fee structure and operational management is totally transparent and we freely share it with you. Our fundamental commitment will always be to you and your financial well-being. We are devoted to honesty and integrity, and will always be forthright and tell you what you need to hear, although it may not be what you want to hear. You can expect regular contact both directly and through our many client outreach initiatives: Weekly Market Commentary, Quarterly Newsletters, Education and Social Events. From our family to yours, thank you for visiting. We hope for the opportunity to work with you in the future. Check out common questions below:

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