Fee-Based Financial Process Planning

Our Fee-Based Planning Processes aim to provide clients with simple, clear step-by-step solutions to complex one-time Financial Planning Needs.

In today’s world, financial options are becoming more and more complex. Weighing the potential risks, “comparing apples to apples”, is almost impossible with the lack of transparency, ever-changing marketplace and the sheer volume of presented materials. To address the need for simplicity and transparency, we have built our practice on offering transformative conversations over commoditized products and aim at presenting solutions in a step-by-step format which offers the disciplined approach of a process, but the ability to produce unique results time after time.

Our signature processes analyze very complex situations and help people to accomplish what they previously thought to be overwhelming with confidence & clarity. By harnessing the power of our expertise and experience of helping hundreds of individuals just like you–our guidance will help you do three main things:

  1. Eliminate or Reduce Dangers
  2. Capture Your Opportunities
  3. Maximize Your Strengths

Learn more about our two most popular processes, The Retirement Navigator™ and The Personal Wealth Plan™, and how they can help you below.

 The Retirement Navigator™

Our most popular planning process, The Retirement Navigator™ guides individuals who are on the cusp of retirement to answer questions like, How much will my resources produce when I retire?” and, “What adjustments can I make now to reduce risks and potentially optimize my retirement income?”

We identify and address the financial dangers of retirement (such as longevity, inflation, asset/product allocation/excess withdrawal/health care), help you capture your opportunities (pension decisions, tax strategies, social security options, recommended retirement start dates, withdrawal strategies, action items by priority) and maximize your strengths to optimize for a better financial future. Don’t live another day wondering if you are ready for retirement or if you will outlive your current nest egg! Discover the valuable benefits of the Retirement Navigator™ today. 

The Personal wealth plan™

The Personal Wealth Plan™ was designed to offer individuals a clear understanding of various complex problems they are facing such as:

  • How to Invest: A Guide to Know if You are Investing Properly
  • How to Save: A Guided Process for Retirement Savings
  • How to Minimize Risk: A Guide to Know if You are Potentially Taking too much Risk or too little Risk in Your Investment Portfolio
  • Am I Missing Something? A Plan to Identify and Address Potential Blind Spots in Your Financial Picture

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