Divorce Financial Planning Advisor

Twelve Financial Tips to Consider When Filing for Divorce

  1. Organize and Make Copies of Your Records.   Personal/business taxes, business records, account statements from investments, pay stubs, life insurance, annuities, credit card statements, stock certificates etc.
  2. Establish a Team of Experts On Your Side.
  3. Devise a New Budget Based on New Incomes/Expenses.
  4. Monitor Credit Report and Credit Applications.
  5. Close Joint Accounts and Lines of Credit.
  6. Open New Accounts in Your Own Name. This may include establishing a line of credit in your own name to build/rebuild personal credit.
  7. Hold Off On Major Financial Decisions.
  8. Estimate Your Worth and “Must Haves” For Settlement.
  9. Asses Liabilities and Marital Debt.
  10. Update Beneficiaries and Estate Plan. Including Power of Attorney & Health Record Forms.
  11. Analyze Insurance Needs: Health, Auto, Property, etc.
  12. Keep a Running List of Financial Questions.