At Hunt Country Wealth Management our “why” is based on the experience of growing up in a typical small Virginia community where economic struggle and scarcity is often commonplace. Where most families (including our own) experienced the volatility of lower-to-middle-class America where you learn the true meaning of hard work, grit and dealing with economic unpredictability. You see how stress and struggle often create tension, disputes, it limits your impact and lessens your bargaining chip. The results are at best missed experiences and opportunities and at worst the inability to meet essential needs. It’s an impact felt on an individual, family and often generational level.

As a young man, firm founder Chris Merchant formed an interest in investment management, viewing it as a tool to create a better future for himself and his family. He took to learning everything he could about traditional finance and how one can harness the power of investments to create prosperity and wellbeing, allowing him to honor his core personal values of family, adventure, responsibility and education. From a formal education in investment management, he branched out to financial planning with an MBA and a CFP®. He then received certification in Behavioral Finance BFA® (Study of Psychology, the mind and human behavior as it relates specifically to finance) to understand not only the text book approach to investing, but also the human component of why we make the decisions we do- based on emotion, bias, etc.

Chris is a life-long learner dedicated to his craft, and his love for the financial planning field urged him and his wife, Heather to establish Hunt Country Wealth Management in hopes of helping other people live their lives to the fullest by making good financial decisions.


The HCWM Difference

What We Can Do For You…

We are a local firm

You do not have to run through a call center or an online queue to reach us. You get real people, real experiences, and a real relationship.

we are students of personal finance

We are not sales-people for investment companies and/or insurance agencies. We keep up with industry trends and news and analyze the best methods (not just what’s old and worked in the past).

we have unique planning processes WHiCH help create clarity

From the knowledge and experience of helping hundreds of people like you, we have created unique financial planning processes (such as The Retirement Navigator™) which will help solve your unique challenges. In addition to planning, we also provide you with personal coaching and guidance to implement planning goals and changes.

we implement plans with you-- no flying solo

We provide our clients with personal coaching and guidance to implement planning goals and changes. Our behavioral finance background combines with concepts of traditional finance to guide you on the emotional side of spending and investing.

we keep you up-to-date on things you need to know

We create and write our own articles and books to guide you. We release Market Commentary Weekly and send out a Quarterly Newsletter to address hot topics and news of which we think you should be aware and consider.

We host a discovery meeting to get you know you

All new clients go through our discovery process before we make any complete recommendations. We will walk you through cornerstone concepts of behavioral finance which will help us create a financial plan that aligns with your specific personal values.

DID YOU KNOW? Values exist, whether you recognize them or not. They are those things you think are important in your life and work. They (should) determine your priorities, and in general are the measure to which you hold your happiness. If you consider them before making decisions in your life, particularly with finances, you will generally feel better about them.

Hunt Country Wealth Management Values: Leadership. Relationship. Community. Family. Integrity. Concern for Order. Creativity.

we help you manage your investments & optimize for the future

Our recommendations are based on sound financial principals. See our Investment Philosophy & Investment Process. We manage all portfolios within Hunt Country Wealth Management and never outsource to outside money managers.

we want you to feel confident & clear about the future

We provide you with confidence and clarity to feel good about the security of your future and dedicate ourselves to bringing order to your life.

We aren't everything to everyone

We aim to serve a limited number of clients and do not aspire to be everything to everyone. We are a close-knit family and we take great care in ensuring our client family is achieving their goals and living their best lives (at least on the financial end). 

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